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With Or Without You - released January 30th 2014
Martha Lamont has it all: A passionate marriage, two well adjusted children, a lovely home and a high-profile job as a showbiz interviewer for a major national newspaper. Her gorgeous husband, Jamie, is happy being a stay-at-home dad while she pursues her career.

But appearances are often deceiving. One day, Martha makes a discovery that rocks the very foundation of her world and she begins to question everything she thought she wanted.

Then, during an interview with a famous actor, Charlie Simmons, Martha finds herself pouring her heart out. And soon their friendship turns into an intense relationship...

Now, Martha must make the toughest decision of her life. Does she fight to keep the life she loves? Or are some betrayals just too big to forgive?

Stay Close To Me - released January 31st 2013

In the London of the Swinging Sixties, something happened that would haunt Jennifer for the rest of her life.

Now, decades later, and still recovering from her husband’s death, Jennifer starts delving into her past to find the answer to a question that has tormented her for years. But in doing so, she unwittingly opens a Pandora’s box that will affect not just her own life, but that of her two daughters.

Eldest daughter, Kate, is at a crossroads. With a marriage that seems to have stalled, a chance meeting with an enigmatic stranger gives her a glimpse into another, more exciting future. But there is something about him that Kate doesn’t know.

Meanwhile, younger daughter Amy’s
charmed existence is thrown into disarray when her husband’s devastating secret is revealed. Can Amy find the strength to stop her family from imploding?

Mothers, daughters, secrets, lies. Can you ever keep the past under lock and key?

‘Stay Close To Me’ was released as ‘I.O.U.’ in hardback.


RSVP tells the story of four women, one wedding and a whole heap of trouble…
Anna's world is rocked when she receives an invitation to her ex Toby's nuptials – Toby was The One, The Love of Her Life, The One That Got Away. Will attending his Big Day finally give her the sense of closure she so desperately craves? Or will it only re-open old wounds? Clare is Anna's best friend, the person who was there for her when she and Toby split all those years ago. But little does Clare know that Toby's wedding day will also change her own life for ever. Ella is a classic femme fatale. She loves men and leaves them without a backward glance. But the one person who's never fallen for her charms is Toby. As he prepares to get hitched, is it too late for a last-ditch attempt to win his heart? Finally, Rachel is the blushing bride-to-be. This should be the happiest day of her life. So how comes she feels nothing but a terrible sense of foreboding?